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Hi! I See There'S A New Release Of The Clearml-Agent Package, Is There Any Plan To Update The Allegroai/Clearml-Agent-K8S-Base Docker Image With This Version? In Particular, I Would Like To Use Multiple Queues When Running The Clearml-Agent Chart. I Tried

hi! I see there's a new release of the clearml-agent package, is there any plan to update the allegroai/clearml-agent-k8s-base docker image with this version? In particular, I would like to use multiple queues when running the clearml-agent chart. I tried creating a docker image myself but had some issues

Posted 3 months ago
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Answers 5

There’s an incomplete PR for this None .

Posted 3 months ago

if it will not be updated and CI passed, I will have to create a new one when possible but I don’t have a timeframe for now

Posted 3 months ago

hey @<1523701827080556544:profile|JuicyFox94> , don't want to bother, I just check on the progress of that pull request and seems like it passed all the checks but it was marked as draft and not merged

Posted 3 months ago

hi, pls check first message on this pr conversation; there is a checklist to be completed otherwise CI will not complete

Posted 3 months ago

@<1673863788857659392:profile|HomelyRabbit25> I see your comment on that PR, if no further feedback will be there, I will try to eventually improve that PR by myself when possible.

Posted 3 months ago
5 Answers
3 months ago
2 months ago