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Hi Everyone! Before I Ask A Question - You Develop A Very Cool Tool. Thanks! I Tried To Write Simple Pipeline Using The Pipelinedecorator. But Found That The Clearml Modifies The Code, For Example It Replaces

👋 Hi everyone!

Before I ask a question - you develop a very cool tool. Thanks!

I tried to write simple pipeline using the PipelineDecorator.
But found that the ClearML modifies the code, for example it replaces img = img[..., ::-1] with img = img[(..., ::(- 1))] , which results in error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax .
Also ClearML removes print functions.

How can I disable this behavior and what does it have to do with it?


Posted one year ago
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@<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> sorry for the typo

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1523703107031142400:profile|FlatOctopus65> , can you please elaborate on what exactly happens and when? Do you have a snippet to play with ?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1523703107031142400:profile|FlatOctopus65> ! python3.9 introduced a breaking change for codebases that parse code containing slices. You can read more about it here: None . Notable:

* The code that produces a Python code from AST will need to handle indexing with tuples specially (see Tools/parser/unparse.py) because d[(a, b)] is valid syntax (although parenthesis are redundant), but d[(a, b:c)] is not.

What you could do is downgrade to Python 3.8 or use the slice function:
img = img[..., slice(None, None, -1)]
Hope this workaround works for you until we fix this

Posted one year ago

hi, @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36>


from clearml.automation.controller import PipelineDecorator

def get_image(image_path):
    import cv2
    img = cv2.imread(image_path)
    img = img[..., ::-1]
    return img

    name='test pipeline',
def executing_pipeline(params):
    result = get_image(params['image_path'])
    return result

if __name__ == '__main__':
    params = {'image_path': ''}
Posted one year ago

python test.py will results in:

Launching step [get_image]
  File "/tmp/tmp7drwjuy0.py", line 8
    img = img[(..., ::(- 1))]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Posted one year ago

Thank you!

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
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