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Hello, Can Clearml.Dataset Be Put In Multiple Threads Or Processes? Especially These Two: Clearml_Dataset.Add_Files(Dst_Project_Path.Absolute()) Clearml_Dataset.Upload() Our Dataset Is About 2 Million Files, And It Is Way Too Slow

Hello, can clearml.Dataset be put in multiple threads or processes?

Especially these two:

Our dataset is about 2 million files, and it is way too slow

Posted one month ago
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Hi @<1590514584836378624:profile|AmiableSeaturtle81> ! add_files already uses multi-threading, so threads would not help (see the max_workers argument).
If you are using a cloud provider such as s3 it would be useful setting this argument, or look for config entries in clearml.conf that would speed-up the upload (such as aws.s3.boto3.max_multipart_concurrency )

Posted one month ago
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one month ago
one month ago