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Hi Is There Any Option To Get Preview For The Images On Dataset In Case Upload With

is there any option to get Preview for the images on dataset in case upload with --links ?

Posted 10 months ago
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Answers 4

Have you tried --verbose ?

Posted 10 months ago

AstonishingRabbit13 If I'm not mistaken, you can add images to the preview tab by reporting them as debug samples.

So you'd run: dataset.get_logger().report_image() or report_media()
This is not scalable though, so don't expect the server to handle millions of images well, for that you'd need Hyperdatasets 🙂
But it works well (as the name suggests) for some previews of the images!

Relevant docs:

Posted 10 months ago

I'm not sure about the preview part but after uploading I think you might find the images with list and --filter
I'm not sure if that helps?

Posted 10 months ago

--verbose should print the reporting
what i want is to be able to see some images on the clearml server
same as when i upload the data as --files

Posted 10 months ago