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We'Re Running Into Errors Such As This:

We're running into errors such as this:
Action failed <500/0: tasks.add_or_update_artifacts/v2.10 (Update failed (BSONObj size: 18564134 (0x11B4426) is invalid. Size must be between 0 and 16793600(16MB)I'm not sure what to make of it; the size of what is limited to 16MB? Is it the preview?

Posted one year ago
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Hi UnevenDolphin73 . how many artifacts do you have on this task? We are storing task metadata in Mongo and there is a limit of 16Mb per a single document. While the artifact itself is not stored under the task there is some metadata (notably the uri and display_data/preview) that is stored for each artifact

Posted one year ago

Did you see any other errors in the server logs? Is the artifact very large by chance?

Posted one year ago

Running a self-hosted server indeed. It's part of a code that simply adds or uploads an artifact 🤔

Posted one year ago

Hi UnevenDolphin73 , what are you trying to do when you get this? Are you running a self hosted server?

Posted one year ago

Thanks LazyFish41 , that explains it 👍

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago