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Hi Everyone, Is There A Way To Avoid The Environment Setup When Running A Task Using A Worker? I Am Currently Using A Custom Docker Image That Already Has All The Require Packages Installed. I Tried Setting The Env Var

Hi everyone, is there a way to avoid the environment setup when running a task using a worker?
I am currently using a custom docker image that already has all the require packages installed. I tried setting the env var CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL=/usr/bin/python both for the docker container and for host machine (one at a time and at the same time) but it still tries to install everything

Posted one year ago
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SuccessfulKoala55 thanks for the reply! I think I have a very specific use case.
I am calling execute_remotely from a Windows machine which has pycocotools-windows installed, but my docker container is running Ubuntu with pycocotools installed, and even with CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL set it tries to install the windows specific package and fails.
Is there a way to completely skip verifying the requirements?

Posted one year ago

Try the following:
` Task.add_requirements("pycocotools-windows", "; platform_system == "Windows"")
Task.add_requirements("pycocotools", "; platform_system != "Windows"")

Task.init(...) You should see in your "installed packages" something like: pycocotools-windows ; platform_system == "Windows"
pycocotools ; platform_system != "Windows" `

Posted one year ago

Hi SteepDeer88 , if you use CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL the agent will not install the virtual environment. It will still verify the requests, but if you already have these installed, it should not take any time

Posted one year ago
3 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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