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Hi, I See That Debug Samples Are Taking Up A Huge Amount Of Space. I Want To Limit The Amount Of Debug Images Which Are Stored. I See There Is An Option For That Here:

Hi, I see that debug samples are taking up a huge amount of space. I want to limit the amount of debug images which are stored. I see there is an option for that here: https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/references/sdk/logger/#set_default_debug_sample_history . However, I am storing these images implicitly via TensorBoard, so I never explicitly define a logger. How would I limit them in this case?

Posted one year ago
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huh. i really like how easy it is w/ the automated TB. Is there a way to still use the auto_connect but limit the amount of debug imgs?

Posted one year ago

Hi CloudySwallow27

Is there a way to still use the auto_connect but limit the amount of debug imgs?

Basically you can set the number of image it will store for you (per title/series combination)m the way it works it rotates the image names so essentially overriding old images (the UI is ware and will only show the last X of them)
See here on setting it:

Posted one year ago

Hi CloudySwallow27 ,

I think currently the way to do this is by disabling the framework detection and reporting the debug images manually.

You can do this by Task.init( auto_connect_frameworks=False )

Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago


Posted one year ago

perfect. exactly what i was looking for!

Posted one year ago