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Hi! From A Task Created Using

From a task created using PipelineDecorator.pipeline , is there any way to get a task ID from the name of the step listed in the table below?
My plan is to have access from one of the pipeline components to another component (so I can link configuration or upload artifacts to that component) through a code similar to the following:
# Inside a pipeline component this_component_task = Task.current_task() pipeline_task = Task.get_task(task_id=this_component_task.parent) another_component_task_id = pipeline_task.get_step_id(step_name="Dataset preparation") # I wonder if there exists a method like this Task.get_task(task_id=another_component_task_id).upload_artifact("new_data", {"dataset_uri": "/mypath/data.csv"})

Posted 2 years ago
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Well, I am thinking in the case that there are several pipelines in the system and that when filtering a task by its name and project I can get several tasks. How could I build a filter for Task.get_task(task_filter=...) that returns only the task whose parent task is the pipeline task?

Posted 2 years ago

GiganticTurtle0 , I think this would be up your alley, there is a 'parent' parameter even 🙂


Posted 2 years ago

Anyway, is there any way to retrieve the information stored in the RESULTS tab of ClearML Web UI?

Posted 2 years ago

That' s right, I don't know why I was trying to make it so complicated 😅

Posted 2 years ago

GiganticTurtle0 Hi 🙂

How about Task.get_task() ?

You'd need to provide it the project name and task name

Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
10 months ago
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