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Hi! I Installed Self-Hosted Clearml Server Using

Hi! I installed self-hosted clearml server using https://artifacthub.io/packages/helm/allegroai/clearml . Because ClearML Server does not restrict access by default, i had to make a apiserver.conf file to k8s secret and mount it to clearml web server volume(/opt/clearml/config).
After re-installing clearml, i still can login without password. What am i missing?

Posted one year ago
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i fount the solution!! i added configuration to helm’s values.yaml below.

# services.conf: |
# tasks {
# non_responsive_tasks_watchdog {
# # In-progress tasks that haven’t been updated for at least ‘value’ seconds will be stopped by the watchdog
# threshold_sec: 21000
# # Watchdog will sleep for this number of seconds after each cycle
# watch_interval_sec: 900
# }
# }
apiserver.conf: |
auth {
# Fixed users login credentials
# No other user will be able to login
fixed_users {
enabled: true
pass_hashed: true
users: [
username: …
password: …
name: …

Posted one year ago

hello CostlyOstrich36 unfortunately, i also did it to api server just in case. but didn’t work

Posted one year ago

Oh, it didn’t generate conf file properly. I will try again

Posted one year ago

TartLeopard58 , I think you need to mount apiserver.conf to the api server. This is an API configuration 🙂

Posted one year ago

thank you CostlyOstrich36

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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