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Hello Everybody, I Have Been Testing Clearml As An All In One Solution For Mlops In Our Team. I Deployed The Clearml Server And Everything Worked Fine

Hello everybody,
I have been testing ClearML as an all in one solution for MLOPS in our team.
I deployed the CLearML server and everything worked fine 🙂 ! The issue comes frome remote experiments . When deploying a clearml-agent in PIP or Conda mode ( we don't have access to docker on our servers). I see the following issue with pytorch package:
Exception when trying to resolve python wheel: Could not find pytorch wheel URL for: torch==1.12.1 with cuda 102 support

I found a similar issue in github : None and log file in Slack in October 20th. Using non containarized remote agent is a must in our situation 😕 do you have any solution to this problem ?
Thank for your help, I've been stuck for several days on this issue.

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Thanks for the reponse.
I have try this exactly and still the same issue 😕 . I think that the clearml-agent adds a specific search for the pytorch wheels withe ther PytorchRequirements class and then raises this issue .
I don't quite understand why clearml tries to solve specificaly for the pytorch package 🤔 , You could just add the repos url in pip extra and let it solve the wheels for itself ?

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1534496192929468416:profile|EagerGiraffe33> , what if you try to put a specific version of pytorch you've tested on your remote environment in the requirements section of the cloned task?

Posted one year ago

Here is the full log of the experiment

Posted one year ago