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I Know At Least One Other Person Has Posted About This Previously, But When I Interact With

I know at least one other person has posted about this previously, but when I interact with Datasets I keep getting a bunch of repeated logging messages with

2023-04-06 13:22:41,649 - clearml - INFO - Dataset.get() did not specify alias. Dataset information will not be automatically logged in ClearML Server.

Except that I have set an alias. My dataset code, which lives inside a pipeline.component function looks like:

# fetch local copy of dataset
parent_dataset = Dataset.get(dataset_id=parent_dataset_meta["id"], alias="parent_dataset")
    with TemporaryDirectory() as dir:
        dir = Path(dir)
        local_dataset = Path(parent_dataset.get_mutable_local_copy(dir))
        new_dataset = Dataset.create(
            dataset_tags=["train_val_data", "labels", "images", "intermediate"],
            description=f"train_size: {train_size}, " f"stratify_by: {stratify_by}",
.... do some things with the local copy of the data...

What am i missing?

Posted 7 months ago
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Thanks very much! Yeah, it tends to fill up the console

Posted 7 months ago

I’m using SDK version 1.10.2 and yes, it’s self-hosted. Here is the version info for the server:

 WebApp: 1.9.1-312 • Server: 1.9.1-312 • API: 2.23 


Posted 7 months ago

Hi @<1533620191232004096:profile|NuttyLobster9> , what version of clearml SDK are you using and is it a self hosted server or not?

Posted 7 months ago

Hi @<1533620191232004096:profile|NuttyLobster9> We likely print the warning by mistake. We will look into it soon and handle it properly

Posted 7 months ago

I found I was having this issue as well. I don't have an alias defined in the pipeline but in a task and I get the same error. I'm not hosting my own server but using the free web service at the moment.

Posted 7 months ago

It happens due to an internal use of Dataset.get , the larger the dataset, the more verbose it will be. We’ll fix this in the upcoming releases

Posted 7 months ago
6 Answers
7 months ago
7 months ago