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I Know At Least One Other Person Has Posted About This Previously, But When I Interact With

I know at least one other person has posted about this previously, but when I interact with Datasets I keep getting a bunch of repeated logging messages with

2023-04-06 13:22:41,649 - clearml - INFO - Dataset.get() did not specify alias. Dataset information will not be automatically logged in ClearML Server.

Except that I have set an alias. My dataset code, which lives inside a pipeline.component function looks like:

# fetch local copy of dataset
parent_dataset = Dataset.get(dataset_id=parent_dataset_meta["id"], alias="parent_dataset")
    with TemporaryDirectory() as dir:
        dir = Path(dir)
        local_dataset = Path(parent_dataset.get_mutable_local_copy(dir))
        new_dataset = Dataset.create(
            dataset_tags=["train_val_data", "labels", "images", "intermediate"],
            description=f"train_size: {train_size}, " f"stratify_by: {stratify_by}",
.... do some things with the local copy of the data...

What am i missing?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 6

I found I was having this issue as well. I don't have an alias defined in the pipeline but in a task and I get the same error. I'm not hosting my own server but using the free web service at the moment.

Posted one year ago

It happens due to an internal use of Dataset.get , the larger the dataset, the more verbose it will be. We’ll fix this in the upcoming releases

Posted one year ago

I’m using SDK version 1.10.2 and yes, it’s self-hosted. Here is the version info for the server:

 WebApp: 1.9.1-312 • Server: 1.9.1-312 • API: 2.23 


Posted one year ago

Hi @<1533620191232004096:profile|NuttyLobster9> We likely print the warning by mistake. We will look into it soon and handle it properly

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1533620191232004096:profile|NuttyLobster9> , what version of clearml SDK are you using and is it a self hosted server or not?

Posted one year ago

Thanks very much! Yeah, it tends to fill up the console

Posted one year ago
6 Answers
one year ago
one year ago