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**** Solved **** I Used Variables From Here -

**** solved ****
i used variables from here - None

os.environ['CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER'] = 'myuser'
os.environ['CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_PASS'] = 'mypass'

Hi, I'm following the tutorial for launching a worker via google colab - None
i am having some issues with cloning my gitlab (private) repository when queuing a task to that worker.
i added some os environment variables to set my git (and aws) credentials for that worker in the following manner:

import os
os.environ['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] = 'mykey'
os.environ['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'] = 'mykey'
os.environ['GITLAB_TOKEN'] = 'mytoken'

the error from the console:


fatal: could not read Username for '
': terminal prompts disabled
Repository cloning failed: Command '['clone', '
', '/root/.clearml/vcs-cache/CorrAlgo.git.5463ffcec7c449976e00811eaafb4793/CorrAlgo.git', '--quiet', '--recursive']' returned non-zero exit status 128.
clearml_agent: ERROR: Failed cloning repository. 
1) Make sure you pushed the requested commit:
', branch='tmp', commit_id='75be96c2e6f52ac4dfe3920d8969f8ac49ff2c3b', tag='', docker_cmd=None, entry_point='ts-tcc_train.py', working_dir='Scripts/deep_learning')
2) Check if remote-worker has valid credentials [see worker configuration file]

How can i set my gitlab token properly? (i can see that the aws credentials have been set properly but can't find the place to check the git token) thanks!

Posted 3 months ago
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