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Regarding The Open Source, Self-Hosted Version Of The

Regarding the open source, self-hosted version of the ClearML Server, I was wondering what the agent-services is doing in this docker-compose. Isn't the agent (usually) running on a separate machine, e.g. some GPU powerhouse somewhere else using clearml-agent daemon etc., So what is this agent-services part of the docker compose for? Will my clearml server operate completely the same if I remove it? Or will I lose functionality?

Posted 6 months ago
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Answers 3

the agent inside the docker compose is just a handy one to serve a service queue where you can queue all your "clean up" tasks that are not deep learning related, using only a bit of CPU

Posted 6 months ago

@<1576381444509405184:profile|ManiacalLizard2> Thought so, thanks for the clarification!

Posted 6 months ago

that agent is purely optional

Posted 6 months ago
3 Answers
6 months ago
6 months ago
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