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How Does One

How does one add_tags to a pipeline?

There is this function here: None

But, I cannot figure out how to use it. I would like to automatically add_tags in the code (specifically in the PipelineDecorator.pipeline ) depending on certain values of arguments and outputs of the steps so that these appear in the UI for filtering.

For reference, in this example, where in here would one be able to call the add_tags function? None

This doesn't work:

PipelineDecorator.add_tags(tags = ['testing', 'tag-added'])
Posted 17 days ago
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Hi @<1654294828365647872:profile|GorgeousShrimp11> ! add_tags is an instance method, so you will need the controller instance to call it. To get the controller instance, you can do PipelineDecorator.get_current_pipeline() then call add_tags on the returned value. So: PipelineDecorator.get_current_pipeline().add_tags(tags=["tag1", "tag2"])

Posted 17 days ago

Ah, I see, this makes sense now. Thank you!

Posted 17 days ago
2 Answers
17 days ago
17 days ago
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