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Hi All! I Have A Question - I Have A Pipeline Build Out Of Multiple Tasks. One Of The Tasks Creates A File As An Output. I Don'T Need To Save This File Anywhere (Not In My Local Nor As An Artifact), But I Do Want To Use It An An Input For The Next Step In

Hi all!
I have a question - I have a pipeline build out of multiple tasks. One of the tasks creates a file as an output. I don't need to save this file anywhere (not in my local nor as an artifact), but I do want to use it an an input for the next step in the pipeline.
Is there a way to use this output without uploading this file as artifact?

Posted one year ago
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Hi @<1539417873305309184:profile|DangerousMole43> , unless both steps run on the same machine you will have to upload it as an artifact somehow

Posted one year ago

Hi @<1539417873305309184:profile|DangerousMole43> , in that case I think you can simply save the file path as a configuration in the first step and then in the next step you can simply access this file path from the previous step. Makes sense?

Posted one year ago

Thanks @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36> !
so, both steps are running on the same machine. I would love to get your suggestion in this case.

Posted one year ago

I'll try that out. Thank you @<1523701070390366208:profile|CostlyOstrich36>

Posted one year ago
4 Answers
one year ago
one year ago
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