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Hello, I Am Trying To Run Some Algorithm In My Docker Container With Clearml Task . But The Algorithm Uses Ros, So I Need Somehow To Setup Environment Before Run It And Launch

Hello, I am trying to run some algorithm in my docker container with Clearml Task . But the algorithm uses ROS, so I need somehow to setup environment before run it and launch roscore . I tried to do it like this in Dockerfile:
RUN echo "source /ros_entrypoint.sh" >> /root/.bashrc RUN echo "source /root/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash" >> /root/.bashrc RUN echo "roscore &" >> /root/.bashrc RUN echo "sleep 5" >> /root/.bashrcBut when I run the Task it does not execute /root/.bashrc .
Also I tried to add this code into docker_bash_setup_script but then my python script does not execute at all: the Task just gets the status Completed but I don't see any of my python prints which I see when I run the Task without docker_bash_setup_script argument.
What is the right way to set up the environment and run roscore before running the algorithm?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 2

LazyFish41 just making sure, you built a container from the docker file, and used it as base docker image for the Task, is that correct ?
Also notice the cleaml-agent will not change the entry point of the docker meaning if the entry point does not end with plain bash, it will not actually run anything

Posted one year ago

So, this is probably a really dumb idea, but can you add
RUN source /root.bashrcor perhaps set the entrypoint?

Posted one year ago